South Africa, coin catalog, price

Country: South Africa, South Africa
Capital: Pretoria
Currency: Rand
Numeric code: 710
Alphabetic code: ZAR
South Africa occupies the entire southern tip of the African continent. The country is vast in territory – more than 1.2 million square kilometers. It is populated by nearly 49 million people. Three cities claim to be the capital: Pretoria (administrative centre), Cape town (legislative) and Bloemfontein (judicial).
Rand, equal to hundred cents, serves the local population monetary unit since 1961. Place it after the country gained its sovereignty, lost to the South African pound. Immediately he was made the first release of new coins: ½ cent, 1 , 2½, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents. But in 1965 the government changed their minds and replaced two and a half cents dujanovic. So now can buy coins South Africa such nominal difficult because they have long been withdrawn from circulation. A cent "held" until 1973 (when they were minted for the last time). Inflation was forced in 1977 to add to the catalogue of coins South Africa 1 Rand, 1989 – 2 Rand and in 1990, 3 Rand. Respectively one and two cents have lost their relevance and gradually went out of circulation. The rest of the coin series was able to reach unchanged to the present day.
As for the coin value South Africa, we can say that it is formed by the General laws of numismatics: rare, age of coins and their safety. The average price of the coins, Africa (not too ancient) starts from $ 1.

3 pence 1939
ID: 3444
10 cents 1965
ID: 3399
2 cents 1965
ID: 3383
20 cents 1989
ID: 3264
1 rand 1977
ID: 3206
20 cents 2003
ID: 3055
20 cents 1997
ID: 3053
10 cents 1991
ID: 3043
6 pence 1952
ID: 2941
3 pence 1934
ID: 2925
5 cents 1990
ID: 2823
2 cents 1991
ID: 2820
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