Papua — New Guinea, coin catalog, price

Country: Independent state of Papua New Guinea
Capital: Port Moresby
Currency: Kina
Numeric code: PGK
Letter code: 598
Papua New Guinea is an island nation in Oceania. Its territory (462.8 thousand square kilometers) scattered in the South-Western part of the Pacific ocean. The country of Papua New Guinea belong to: East New Guinea, the Northern Solomon Islands, Bismarck archipelago and nearby Islands. Populated areas of the island nation is not particularly dense population of local residents is slightly more than 7 million people. The state capital and its largest city – Port Moresby.
Kina, divided into a hundred Toya, gentoo is the national currency since 1975. It was introduced after the country's independence. Up to this point walking in the country, had the Australian dollar. In the catalogue of the coins of Papua New Guinea are: 5, 10, 20, 50, Toya, 1 and 2 Kina.
The first issue of coins (1 Kina, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Toya) dates back to 1975. 1 and 2 Toya existed in the country until 2006. Now they are withdrawn from circulation, but to buy these coins Papua New Guinea is possible. Other denominations are used to this day. Until 2006, 1 Kina were minted with a hole in the center, subsequently, the design of the coin was changed. Coin 2 Kina joined cash a number of countries recently: in 2008.
The price of coins of Papua New Guinea starts from $ 1. However, there are more expensive units is a commemorative coins in denominations of 5 and 10 kin, periodically produced. The value of the coins of Papua New Guinea these values are quite high.

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