Peru, coin catalog, price

Country: Peru, Republic Of Peru
Capital: Lima
Currency: Nuevo Sol
Numeric code: 604
Letter code: PEN
In the North-Western part of mainland South America is the state of Peru. It is the third of the vast country estates on the mainland. It has an area of over one million square kilometers. Peru has access to the Pacific coast, which is the main city of Lima. Peruvian Andes rich in natural resources, so there are well-developed mining industry. Peruvian Nuevo Sol formed by the hundred centimes currency very stable. "Sol" in Spanish means "sun". So the country has immortalized one of the oldest symbols of the Incas, Peru owned before the invasion of the conquistadors.
The name "Sol" implies that once were and the old. It is really so. Until 1863 real dominated in the country. Buy coins of Peru at the time, of course, possible, but extremely expensive. The price of these Peruvian coins impresses and inspires respect.
For real followed by salt. It has existed in Peru from 1863 to 1985. First, in 1930, left silver salt and, later, due to the natural fall in the value of the coins of Peru, disappeared and "gold" salt. From 1985 to 1991, the country went to the Peruvian Inti, which was replaced with New Sol.
Among the first were minted 1 Sol and 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 centimes. In 1994 a catalogue of the coins of Peru was enriched with 2 and 5 New Sol. More he has not changed. But 1 and 5 centimes (although present in the catalog) - coins are quite rare in everyday use.

5 soles 1977
ID: 3257
1 nuevo sol 2000
ID: 3025
1 céntimo 2010
ID: 3022
1 céntimo 2008
ID: 2424
1 céntimo 2006
ID: 2423
1 sol 1981
ID: 2371
5 soles 1969
ID: 2175
½ sol 1976
ID: 1872
5 céntimos 1991
ID: 1829
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