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Country: Tanzania, United Republic Of Tanzania
Capital: Dar-es-Salam and Dodoma
Currency: Tanzanian shilling
Numeric code: 834
Letter code: TZS
Two countries that in the past the British territory of Zanzibar and Tanganyika, was formed in 1964 in the South-East African common state called the United Republic of Tanzania. The country has two capitals: coastal, formerly the capital, Dar-es-Salaam became the administrative centre and Dodoma moved in the legislative organizations and the government itself. Living in a country of 50 million inhabitants.
For calculations they use is the Tanzanian shilling, consisting of hundreds of cents. The first shillings were introduced in Tanzania in 1966: 1 shilling and 50 cents of copper and Nickel, Nickel-bronze 20 cents and 5 cents. In 1972, the catalogue of coins of Tanzania added 5 copper-Nickel shillings. And in 1977 – Nickel 10 cents. 1987 changed the material of 50 cents and 1 shilling for steel and brought a copper-Nickel 10 shillings. In 1990, the material of the coins changed again: 5, 10 and 20 shillings produced from steel. Inflation has reduced the value of the coins of Tanzania, and in 1994 there was a 100 shillings, 1996, a 50 shillings and in 1998 it was 200 shillings. Now the Tanzanians are used mainly coins in 200, 100 and 50 shillings.
On all Tanzanian coins depicted the first President of the Republic. The reverse side was populated by the representatives of the local flora and fauna: antelope, elephants, rhinoceros, zebu. The emblem of the country was a place on the reverses of coins of 1 shilling and 200 shillings.
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1 shilling 1981
ID: 3291
1 shilling 1974
ID: 3024
1 shilling 1992
ID: 1568
10 senti 1977
ID: 509
1 shilling 1980
ID: 498
50 senti 1989
ID: 491
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