Burundi, coin catalog, price

Country: Burundi, Republic Of Burundi
Capital: Bujumbura
Currency: Burundi franc
Numeric code: 108
Letter code: BIF
The Republic of Burundi is a non-prestigious status of the world's poorest countries. It is located in the Eastern part of Africa. South-West of the country goes to the lake Tanganyika. 27.8 thousand square kilometers of land belonging to Burundi, not so poor in mineral resources: there are gold, platinum, and uranium, and Nickel. However, their development is almost non-existent. Almost all of the 9.2 million Burundians are engaged in agriculture.
Since 1916 in Burundi, then switched to the Belgian submission, used the Belgian Congo franc. This continued until 1960. Freed from Belgian dependence, Burundi and Rwanda a few years of use common to both countries and Frank. The value of the coins of Burundi and Rwanda was equal to the predecessor, the Congolese franc. The design of the coins was more than simple: the denomination and the names of the two countries on the obverse and the image of a walking lion on the reverse. And still buy coins of Burundi and Rwanda is though, because they are history.
And only in 1964, Burundi acquired its own, the Burundian franc, equal to one hundred centimes. In 1965, in the catalogue of the coins of Burundi appeared first 1 franc made of brass. In 1968 1 franc repeated in the aluminum version, and added thereto 5 and 10 francs. When you exchange to the new currency the price of coins Burundi are also consistent with the nominal previous General Frank. In 1976, 1 and 5 francs updated: they have caused the seal of the Republic. And finally, in 2011, 50 francs coin replenished the Treasury of the country.

Money system:

Republic of Burundi (1960 - 2019)

1 franc = 100 centimes
1 franc
5 francs
10 francs
50 francs

5 francs

5 francs
100 francs
5000 francs

Monetary Union of Rwanda and Burundi (1960 - 1964)

1 franc = 100 centimes
1 franc
- Regular edition;
- Jubilee coins;
- Collectible coins.

5 francs 1980
ID: 2135
10 francs 2011
ID: 2101
1 franc 2003
ID: 1819
50 francs 2011
ID: 1557
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