Netherlands Antilles, coin catalog, price

Country: Netherlands Antilles
Capital: Willemstad
Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder
Numeric code: 532
Letter code: ANG
The six Islands of the Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean sea owned by the Netherlands. The total area of these possessions is about a thousand square kilometers. It is mostly engaged in oil refining. And, of course, receive many tourists who want to visit the Caribbean beaches. Offshore business Islands also has an old tradition. The island state is quite Autonomous, he has his own money.
Netherlands Antillean Guilder – such a long name has this currency. Formed a local Guilder cents a hundred. Own Guilder in autonomy introduced in 1932. Prior to this, it used the currency of the metropolis. Until 1940 the Guilder of the Islands was equal to the Guilder of the Netherlands. Subsequently, he began to focus on the U.S. currency. By 1971, the price of coins of the Netherlands Antilles was slightly more than fifty cents.
In 1986, one of the Islands of Aruba got its own currency. In 2011, three more Islands - Sint Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire switched to the us dollar. The Antillean Guilder is still used only in curaçao and Sint Maarten.
In the catalogue of coins of the Netherlands Antilles placed 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 cents and 1, 21⁄2 and 5 guilders. All coins, with the exception of a fifty-cent round. "Fifty dollars" is rectangular in shape.
Still buy coins Netherlands Antilles can be relatively inexpensive. But I must say that the island Guilder will soon become a rarity – his plan to replace the new currency. With the cost of coins Antilles can always be found in the relevant catalogs.

10 cents 1977
ID: 2479
1 cent 1980
ID: 2356
1 cent 1976
ID: 2355
2½ cents 1985
ID: 2210
1 cent 1983
ID: 1874
25 cents 2007
ID: 1786
2½ cents 1975
ID: 1654
2½ cents 1974
ID: 1411
1 gulden 2010
ID: 781
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