Uruguay, coin catalog, price

Country: Uruguay, Oriental Republic Of Uruguay
Capital: Montevideo
Currency: Uruguayan peso
Numeric code: 940
Code alpha: UYI
The name of this country gave the same river, one of the largest waterways of South America. Uruguay takes its right Bank. Neighbors of the Republic only two – Argentina and Brazil. South-East of the country overlooks the Atlantic coast. Here is concentrated the main part of the population, as well as agricultural lands and tourist hotels. Uruguay – a country highly developed economically.
In 1862 the local currency is the Uruguayan peso. It is formed equals 100 centavos. Until the early twentieth century this currency was quite stable. But world war I affected the stability of the Uruguayan peso, and by 1975, the cost of the coins and banknotes of Uruguay has become so low that the government was forced to spend a denomination of money. The name of the currency is left unchanged, adding only the word "new," but the price of Uruguayan coins and banknotes have changed: 1 new peso was changed to 1,000 old.
But a new currency also was not lucky, and in 1993, the substitution procedure was repeated again. But this is not too strengthened the position of the peso. Coins of 10, 20 and 50 centesimi, minted in 1994, the country now is not actually used, and in the catalogue of the coins of Uruguay you can only find coins of 1, 2, 5 and 10 pesos. The detail was withdrawn from circulation in 2010, and now to buy coins Uruguay ", centesimo" only for special offers on the Internet.

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