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Country: Botswana, Republic Of Botswana
Capital: Gaborone
Currency: Pula
Numeric code: 072
Letter code: BWP
In the heart of South Africa lies the state of Botswana. Relatively recently – in 1966 - it became a sovereign. Land the country is not particularly lucky: a significant part of its territory is the Kalahari desert. But with minerals is much more fortunate: there is gold, oil, diamonds, Nickel, lead, copper, and more. But, of course, the development of the diamond determines the economic development of the country.
Pula as the national currency, settled in Botswana in 1976, replacing the South African Rand. Formed a pula of a hundred thebe. Catalogue of the coins of Botswana offers 1, 2 and 5 pula and 5, 10, 25, 50 thebe. Inflation in 2005 has somewhat shaken the stability of the Botswana Pula, but today, it is an example of a solid currency. Although the cost of Botswana coins and banknotes decreased slightly. Simultaneously in Botswana has released virtually all of the current nominal series, with the exception of two and five pool. There was another coin of 1 Thebe. Dvenadtsatigrannaya 2 thebe existed from 1981 to 1985. 2 pula appeared in 1994, and in 1998, disappeared on 1 and 2 thebe. Coins 5 pula joined the others just in 2000.
Buy coins of Botswana on proposals from the Internet is quite possible. They are quite beautiful: the representatives of the local fauna adorn their front sides. On the reverse of all coins are the national emblem. Price Botswana coins is not yet available.

Money system:

Republic of Botswana (1976 - 2019)

1 pula = 100 thebe
1 thebe
2 thebe
5 thebe
10 thebe
25 thebe
50 thebe
1 pula
2 pula
5 pula

5 pula

2 pula
5 pula

Republic of Botswana (1966 - 1966)

1 thebe = 100 cents
50 cents
10 thebe
- Regular edition;
- Jubilee coins;
- Collectible coins.

5 thebe 2007
ID: 1990
5 thebe 1989
ID: 1838
10 thebe 2008
ID: 1293
5 pula 2000
ID: 890
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