Trinidad and Tobago, coin catalog, price

Country: Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Capital: Port-of-Spain
Currency: the dollar of Trinidad and Tobago
Numeric code: 780
Letter code: TTD
In the southern Caribbean waters near Venezuela, is a tiny nation consisting of a dozen Islands. Trinidad and Tobago, with the most impressive size, and gave the island the name. Belonged to the land of great Britain until 1962.
Relatively recently gained their autonomy to a state has a strong economic base. Oil production together with agricultural activities provides an enviable stability island money - dollar Tobago and Trinidad. As befits any dollar Trinidadian so what is 100 cents.
Accustomed to the status of sovereignty, the country began minting its own money, rather than the West Indies dollars. Price Trinidadian coins match the price of their predecessors.
The first, in 1964, was born on 1 dollar. And only in 1966 the catalogue of the Trinidadian coins filled them all in small denominations: 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents.
Colorful design of local money is the desire to buy coins Tobago and Trinidad:
- smallest coin depicts a Hummingbird;
- Nickel – luxurious bird of Paradise;
- dime is decorated with hibiscus;
- "quarter" - the blossoming of chaconia;
- "fifty dollars" - local drum;
- $ 1 palm tree with bananas.
All the small money and still operate, with the exception of pyatidesyatiletiya. He rarely appears in the calculations. This may affect the value of such coins, Tobago and Trinidad.

10 cents 1966
ID: 2626
10 cents 2008
ID: 2486
10 cents 1980
ID: 2480
1 cent 2010
ID: 2363
25 cents 2008
ID: 2341
5 cents 2008
ID: 2267
50 cents 2003
ID: 2111
1 cent 1971
ID: 1946
25 cents 1998
ID: 1862
25 cents 2007
ID: 1797
25 cents 1976
ID: 1795
5 cents 2006
ID: 1718
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