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Country: Swaziland, Kingdom Of Swaziland
Capital: Mbabane
Currency: lilangeni
Numeric code: 748
Letter code: SZL
South Africa is a small (just over 17 thousand square miles) the Kingdom of Swaziland. The country has two capitals. The status of "official" belongs to Mbabane. But king, managing millions of his subjects, located in another city is Lobamba. Kingdom of his very poor and mostly agrarian.
The characteristics of the local language such that the currency of Swaziland has two names: lilangeni (singular) and emalangeni (plural). 1 Swazi lilangeni is part of 100 cents. The history of the Swazi currency is not too long: in 1974, she changed her South African Rand. But lilangeni remained "attached" to the predecessor. Therefore, the fluctuations of the currency constantly affect the cost of Swazi coins and banknotes.
5 and 2 emalangeni, 1 lilangeni, and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 cents form a current catalogue of coins of Swaziland. The local king, according to the custom of the country decorated with feathers, etched on all coin series. The reverses of the same coins different: Orchid – 5 cents, sugar cane or ten. The elephant was placed on a coin of 20 cents, the aboriginal is 1 Swazi lilangeni. Two emalangeni again flaunts the Orchid. The emblem of the country gave 50 cents and 5 emalangeni.
The large denomination coins have a standard form – they are round. But the shape of small coins is quite remarkable: 5 and 50 cents – double hex, 10 cents – octagonal, 20 cents sixteen-sided. Buy small coins of Swaziland worth for their uniqueness. It quite features and price of the coins of Swaziland.

50 cents 2005
ID: 3199
50 cents 1993
ID: 3198
20 cents 1979
ID: 3194
2 cents 1974
ID: 3184
5 cents 2008
ID: 2377
10 cents 2009
ID: 2274
1 lilangeni 2008
ID: 2207
50 cents 2007
ID: 2112
1 lilangeni 2003
ID: 1266
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