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Country: Bahrain, Kingdom Of Bahrain
Capital: Manama
Currency: Bahraini Dinar
Numeric code: 048
Letter code: BHD
Practically next door (16 kilometers on the road bridge) with Saudi Arabia, in the Persian Gulf, is just a miniature (only 750 square kilometers), the Kingdom of Bahrain. He belongs to the Islands of the archipelago. The local king more than a million subjects. In inhabited before our era the Islands were varied hosts. And only in 1971 in the Kingdom began to celebrate independence Day. A tiny Kingdom of its wealth (based on oil and gas reserves available in the country) can easily compete with notable world powers.
The Bahraini Dinar, consisting of one thousand Fils, in 1965, gave way to the Persian Gulf rupee, a fully depreciated by that time. Bahrain shared its currency with a neighbour, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and until 1973 the Dinar was their General sign of the money.
Since 1965, in the catalogue of the coins of Bahrain there are only a bargaining Fils: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100. Recently this coin series has joined a very "fresh" face value of 500 Fils. He minted only in 2010.
Dinar Kingdom is one of the very strong currency. The value of the coins and banknotes of Bahrain and their purchasing power surpasses the U.S. dollar in two and a half times. Buy coins of Bahrain in the Kingdom, and through the Internet. On sites focused on numismatics, it is achievable to check the prices on the coins of Bahrain and to choose the most reasonable.

Money system:

Kingdom of Bahrain (1965 - 2019)

1 dinar = 1000 fils
1 fils
5 fils
10 fils
25 fils
50 fils
100 fils
500 fils

100 fils
250 fils

250 fils
500 fils
5 dinars
- Regular edition;
- Jubilee coins;
- Collectible coins.

50 fils 1965
ID: 3427
25 fils 1965
ID: 3057
25 fils 2011
ID: 2342
5 fils 2012
ID: 2316
50 fils 2010
ID: 2285
100 fils 2010
ID: 2193
10 fils 1965
ID: 1353
5 fils 1965
ID: 1317
5 fils 1992
ID: 1183
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