Saudi Arabia, coin catalog, price

Country: Saudi Arabia, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Capital: Riyadh
Currency: Saudi Riyal
Numeric code: 682
Letter code: SAR
A huge part (2149 thousand square kilometers) of the Peninsula of Arabia is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi king almost 27 million citizens. Riyadh – the giant metropolis – part-time capital of the Kingdom. Inexhaustible reserves of oil that filled the bowels of Saudi Arabia, provide a high level of welfare of citizens of the country.
Saudi Riyal, consisting of hundreds of hollow used in the Kingdom since 1928. The minting of the first issues of coins were used silver. In the first two years saw the release of the denominations of¼, ½ and 1 SAR Riyal. On the coin depicts the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Palma in the crosshairs of swords.
In 1935, on the coins of the same denominations did the name of the Kingdom. They also were silver, but "better" half. Buy coins Saudi Arabia in those years – really lucky.
In 1957 appeared 2 and 4 Kurush. One of the Halal was published in 1963. The first and last time. Its rarity enhances the value of the coins of Saudi Arabia such value. Since 1972 began minting 5, 10, 25 and 50 hollow. In 1976 came the 1 Riyal from an alloy of Nickel and copper, bearing the caption "100 Halal". In 1999, launched production of bimetal of one SAR.
Catalogue of coins of Saudi Arabia are of denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 hallow. But, in fact, coins in the country are not used: the amounts are rounded off to Iraq.
The price of coins Saudi Arabia recent past starts from one dollar.

Money system:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1960 - 2019)

1 riyal = 100 halalas
1 halala
5 halalas
10 halalas
25 halalas
50 halalas
100 halalas
1 riyal
2 riyals

5 halalas
10 halalas
25 halalas
50 halalas
100 halalas

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1925 - 1959)

1 riyal = 22 qirsh
¼ qirsh
½ qirsh
1 qirsh
2 qirsh
4 qirsh
¼ riyal
½ riyal
1 riyal
1 gunayh
- Regular edition;
- Jubilee coins;
- Collectible coins.

5 halalas 1972
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