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Country: Somaliland, Republic Of Somaliland
Capital: Hargeisa
Currency: shilling somalilands
Before independence, Somaliland (former British Somalia) was part of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The status of Somaliland since 1991, the self-proclaimed unrecognized Republic. It is located on the East African mainland, on the shores of the Gulf of Aden, and covers an area of 137.6 square kilometers. It inhabits the unrecognized Republic, more than 3.5 million people. The capital of Somaliland – the largest city Hargeisa.
Legal non-recognition did not prevent the country to get a in 1994, its own currency - somalilands Schilling, equal to hundred cents. Then the new currency was replaced by the Somali shilling, which had been in use previously. The price of the coins of Somaliland correlated with its predecessor as one hundred. First there were the denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 shillings. Coin 1000 shillings in circulation start later in 2006. In 2011 the denomination repeated and introduced a new – 5000 shillings. Cents in the coins of Somaliland are absent.
Interestingly, the nominal value of coins and banknotes self-proclaimed state is identical. Because somalilands currency is not recognized, it has neither the international code nor the official rate. The actual value of the coins of Somaliland is very low: one U.S. dollar in the exchange will require more than 6,000 local shillings.
Although the country legally would not exist, to buy coins of Somaliland for the collection is certainly worthwhile.

Money system:

Republic of Somaliland (1994 - 2019)

1 shilling
5 shillings
10 shillings
20 shillings

5 shillings
5 dollars
10 shillings

1000 shillings
- Regular edition;
- Jubilee coins;
- Collectible coins.

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