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Country: Namibia, Republic Of Namibia
Capital: Windhoek
Currency: Namibian dollar
Numeric code: 516
Letter code: NAD
The name of this country shared the same desert, covering (along with the Kalahari) almost half of the territory of Namibia. The capital Windhoek is equidistant from the boundaries of the state and is located in the very middle. Western extremity of the country goes to the Atlantic. The mineral wealth of Namibia is very rich. However, being mainly diamond and uranium deposits. Two million people inhabit this country.
The Namibian dollar, which equals one hundred cents, has become a unit of relatively recently – in 1990. In the past on the markets of the country dominated South African rands. With the introduction of a new currency, focused on preceding. The cost of Namibian coins and notes was initially, and remains now equal to the South African Rand. Rand can be found in the calculations today, although the official going, he has not.
Coins from the national coin catalog of Namibia, came later in 1993: 1 and 5 dollars plus cents change – 5, 10 and 50. The official name of the country and its coat of arms present on all the adverse Namibian coins. On the reverse is depicted the little things growing trees here, and dollar coins – the birds in Namibia.
Price of Namibia coins minted in the current Millennium, slightly more than 1 US dollar. Therefore, today, to buy coins of Namibia is possible.

1 dollar 1993
ID: 3329
1 dollar 2002
ID: 3238
5 cents 1993
ID: 2462
5 cents 2002
ID: 1983
10 cents 2002
ID: 1677
10 cents 1993
ID: 1675
10 cents 1998
ID: 1284
1 dollar 2002
ID: 1117
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