Falkland Islands, a catalogue of coins, price

Country: Falkland Islands, British overseas territory of the Falkland Islands
Capital: Stanley
Currency: Falkland Islands pound
Numeric code: 238
Letter code: FKP
The Falkland archipelago off the southern tip of mainland South America belongs to the British crown. The two largest Islands of the archipelago divides the Strait, gave the name to the whole cluster of Islands. Lived here a little over three thousand people. Argentina with England are between a dispute over the ownership of the territory. The reason for this very convenient location of the Islands on the sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean.
But while the Falklands are under the jurisdiction of Britain, the currency in the country since 1899 is the Falkland Islands. It consists of one hundred pence. But first printed only bills. The history of the Falkland coins are not so long: it began only in 1974. Then in the catalog of coins of the Falkland Islands the following denominations: 1 and 2 pound and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 pence. Parity between English and Falkland Islands pounds unchanged. Therefore, the value of the coins of the Falkland Islands is equal to the value of the English pound. By the way, pounds prices on the Islands have the status of legal tender.
Naturally, the profile of the Queen is immortalized on the obverse of the Falkland pounds. Reverses the same pleasing variety:
• penguins – odnopozova the coin;
• flying goose on dvuhventsovye;
• soaring Albatross – on the coins and 5 pence.
10 and 20 pence "sheltered" sea lions and sheep of the local breed. Did not remain without attention and the arms of the country – it stands on the one-pound coin.
Buy coins of the Falkland Islands of various denominations and years of issue in all respects possible: first, there are many relevant proposals, and secondly, price Falkland coins is quite allow.

1 penny 1998
ID: 2303
20 pence 1987
ID: 2281
2 pence 1998
ID: 2096
5 pence 1998
ID: 1982
2 pence 1987
ID: 1500
20 pence 1998
ID: 1032
2 pence 2004
ID: 813
10 pence 1998
ID: 790
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