Dominican Republic, coin catalog, price

Country: Dominican Republic
Capital: Santo Domingo
Currency: Dominican peso
Numeric code: 214
Letter code: DOP
On the island of Haiti is the two sovereign republics – Haiti and the Dominican. However, the latter got most of the territory – nearly two-thirds of the main island and the smaller Islands in its vicinity. The total area of the Dominican possessions a little more than 48 thousand square kilometers. The number of Dominicans already covers ten million. The capital of the Republic of Santo Domingo, in the colonial years was called and the whole country. Office of the Dominican Republic from Haiti was held в1844 year.
Dominican peso, the local currency is a hundred centavos. In the current catalogue of coins of the Dominican Republic survived only 1, 5, 10 and 25 pesos.
In 1937 coin series has been much bigger: 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 centavos and ½ pesos. In 1939, it added one peso. Since 1947 peso began to be called "Golden." But inflation does not calculate with such a dignified title, much dropped the value of the coins of the Dominican Republic. The name "Golden peso" has disappeared from the dictionary of the Dominicans. And since 1967, ½ and 1 peso ceased to be silver.
1991 added new, higher-denomination peso: 5, 10 and 25. Time left centavos – very few people Dominicans now is a trifle. Buy coins of the Dominican Republic in recent years is quite difficult for their finances. But the price of Dominican coins of previous issues, of course, much higher.

10 centavos 1991
ID: 2392
1 peso 1991
ID: 2124
10 centavos 1989
ID: 1991
25 centavos 1974
ID: 1594
5 centavos 1989
ID: 1414
25 pesos 2008
ID: 795
1 peso 2002
ID: 584
1 peso 2008
ID: 474
1 peso 1952
ID: 3917
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