Ethiopia, coin catalog, price

Country: Ethiopia, Federal Democratic Republic Of Ethiopia
Capital: Addis Ababa
Currency: Birr
Numeric code: 230
Letter code: ETB
Ethiopia (1931, former Abyssinia), with its capital in Addis Ababa is located in the East of the African continent. This is a fairly large area of the state. And the local population it is only behind Nigeria. A country with more ancient history hard to find, not only in Africa but in the world. Today it is a democratic Republic, basing its economy on agriculture - very poor African state.
The first coins of the country were minted in 1894. The price of these coins of Ethiopia estimated in thousands of rubles. They are quite rare, and to buy some Ethiopian coins can, perhaps, only serious collectors. The cost of modern coins of Ethiopia are quite harmless and affordable.
Current Ethiopian Birr, which equals one hundred cents, is operated by the local population since 1976. Birr existed before, but was called the Ethiopian dollar. In the catalogue of the coins of Ethiopia can be seen only small change denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents. Ethiopia is living on their own leisurely time. Her calendar is "late" compared to the usual seven and a half years. Therefore, all the coins of Ethiopia are Dating offset "in the past". If the coin is minted 1936 issue, for our era it will be 1944. The second series of "new" coins were issued in 1969 and the third in 1996-1998 (our in 1977 and 2004-2005, respectively).
Lion on coins of the early (up to 1969) was wearing a crown and holding a cross. Subsequently, this image was replaced by a snarling lion's head.

5 cents 1977
ID: 3027
5 cents 1944
ID: 2311
5 cents 2008
ID: 1316
1 birr 1897
ID: 4254
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