Cayman islands, coin catalog, price

Country: Cayman Islands, British Overseas territory
Capital: Georgetown
Currency: Cayman Islands dollar
Numeric code:
Letter code: KYD
Three Islands in the Caribbean – Grand Cayman, little Cayman and Cayman brac combined in the island nation. Cayman Islands is an overseas British territory. The state is ruled by the British Queen through the appointed Governor. The island nation is booming. The tourist business brings islanders a solid income. The Cayman Islands are a major offshore center.
For calculations on the Islands use local currency: Cayman Islands dollar or in short "the dollar Cayman" formed by 100 cents. Put into circulation it was in 1972, replacing the Jamaican dollar, which served as the currency earlier. In the coin catalog, Grand Cayman, there are only cents: 1, 5, 10 and 25. All coins were minted in 1972. The rate of the local dollar pegged to the American dollar, and the value of the coins Cayman (and currency in General) above: 1 island dollar is required to pay $ 1.2 States.
All coins Caiman usual round shape. Islanders do not forget your Queen, so reverse $ Kayman invariably adorns her profile. Obverse the coins different: odnolistovoe coin depicts the local Blackbird, Nickel - decorates king shrimp, dime devoted to a turtle that lived on the Islands, and the coin in 25 cents sailboat slips. Buy coins Cayman for one their beauty.
The first coins were cupro-Nickel, except for 1 cent – it was bronze. In recent years, bronze was replaced by steel, plated bronze, and cupronickel – clad steel Nickel. The price of the coins of the Cayman Islands allows them to buy them for decoration collection.

5 cents 1996
ID: 3029
1 cent 1982
ID: 2791
1 cent 1996
ID: 2359
10 cents 2008
ID: 2273
1 cent 2008
ID: 1952
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