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Country: Nigeria, Federal Republic Of Nigeria
Capital: Abuja
Currency: Naira
Numeric code: 566
Letter code: NGN
In the Equatorial zone of Africa, in its Western part, is the most populous country on the continent – Nigeria. And this despite the fact that its area is not much of is just over 920 thousand square kilometers. The South out to the Atlantic to the Gulf of Guinea. National holiday – independence Day - celebrates Nigeria since 1960. The country is a Federal Republic.
Nigerian Naira, consisting of 100 Kobo, became a national currency not so long ago – in 1973. To her the use of the Nigerian pound. Catalogue of coins in Nigeria is quite small: 1 and 2 Naira's and 50 Kobo.
Initially, in 1973, was struck and other denominations of ½ and 1 Kobo – bronze 5, 10 and 25 Kobo – alloy of copper and Nickel. Issue ½ Cobo was the only one. In 1991, coins of 1, 10 and 25 Kobo repeated from medenou steel and Nickel added 50 Kobo and 1 Naira. In 2007 he conducted a new production of coins of 50 Kobo and bimetallic 1 and 2 Naira's. Starting this year, all funds from the ½ Kobo to 25 Kobo had been withdrawn from circulation. Now to buy these coins Nigeria can only be Internet sites.
The coat of arms of Nigeria and the name of the country is crowned with obverses of. The reverses of the same variety: corn cobs is depicted on the 50 Kobo, groundnut by 25 Kobo, palm trees – at 10 Kobo.
The value of the coins of Nigeria may vary. It all depends on the year of production and "presentation". One dollar is the real price of Nigerian coins.

3 pence 1959
ID: 1827
10 kobo 1976
ID: 1276
1 kobo 1973
ID: 972
1 naira 1991
ID: 808
1 shilling 1959
ID: 432
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