North Korea, coin catalog, price

Country: North Korea, Democratic people's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
Capital: Pyongyang
Currency: won, Korea
Numeric code: 408
Letter code: KPW
The Democratic people's Republic (or North Korea) occupies the Northern (as reflected in the title) part of the Korean Peninsula in the Asian part of the world. The DPRK was formed in 1948 after disconnecting the Republic of Korea (South) from the once United country (former Japanese colony). In the possession of North Korea are 120.5 thousand square kilometers of land. Today's Korea has a population of 24.7 million residents. Capital – Pyongyang – the most notable and densely populated metropolis.
North Korean won, compiled by hundreds Chung, functioning in the Republic since 1947. The first catalogue of the coins of North Korea got 1, 5, 10, 50 chon and 1 won. Later were struck 10, 50, and 100 won. This coin number is used by Koreans today.
At its emergence a new currency was oriented to the ruble of the Soviet Union. By 1957 the value of a coin of North Korea (and its notes) so decreased, prompting the need to produce a denomination. It was accepted the ratio of 100:1. This procedure was later repeated twice: in 2006 and 2009, using the same proportion.
Buy coins North Korea is quite difficult: Vaughn to export is strictly prohibited. Draws foreign currency to settlements in the Republic is absolutely not accepted. Few travellers visiting Korea, exchange your money for the won is allowed only in banks capital. And the price of coins North Korea there greatly exaggerated.

Money system:

Democratic People's Republic (1959 - 2019)

1 won = 100 chon
1 chon
5 chon
10 chon
50 chon
1 won
5 won
10 won
50 won
100 won

½ chon
1 chon
2 chon
1 won
5 won
10 won

1 won
2 won
5 won
7 won
10 won
20 won
30 won
50 won
100 won
200 won
250 won
500 won
1000 won
15000 won
- Regular edition;
- Jubilee coins;
- Collectible coins.

1 chon 2002
ID: 3324
½ chon 2002
ID: 3322
½ chon 2002
ID: 1524
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