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Country: Chile, Republic Of Chile
Capital: Santiago
Currency: Chilean peso
Numeric code: 152
Alphabetic code: CLP
Almost all Western Pacific coast of South America is Chile with its capital Santiago. Nearby from the mainland of the island also belong to her. In the country's mining, agriculture. Chile is the leader in exporting fruits. By South American standards, this is a very rich country, as the GDP for each of the seventeen million Chileans than other Latin American countries.
The economy is built on the Chilean peso generated a hundred centavos. The remarkable history of the currency: it was used in the country from 1817 to 1959, then for a while was expelled the Chilean Escudo, but in 1975 returned again.
Centavos in coins Chile there since 1955. Today, for the calculations using only the Chilean peso: 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 500.
An interesting story happened at the mint of the country in 2008. When the minting of coins 50 pesos the name of the country was inflicted with error. A sad mistake was noticed and was going to withdraw the whole issue. However, considering such action unprofitable, coins still left in circulation. The cost of these Chilean coins has greatly increased: indeed, any such error is joy for collectors. The Manager of the mint lost his job, and the price of coins Chile that release at home jumped to 20,000 pesos. Because "incorrect" coins were produced a lot, buy pyatidesyatimetrovy coins Chile 2008 is possible.

100 pesos 2005
ID: 3362
100 pesos 1994
ID: 3317
100 pesos 1986
ID: 3316
10 pesos 1997
ID: 3047
5 pesos 2003
ID: 3032
5 pesos 2000
ID: 2471
1 peso 2009
ID: 2442
10 pesos 1993
ID: 2276
1 peso 1979
ID: 2161
100 pesos 1986
ID: 2117
10 pesos 2000
ID: 1725
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