Tunisia, coin catalog, price

Country: Tunisia, Tunisian Republic
Capital: Tunis
Currency: Tunisian Dinar
Numeric code: 788
Letter code: TND
In the Northern part of the African continent is a country called the Republic of Tunisia. Mediterranean coast owned by her, provides a good opportunity for business development for tourists. The state capital, also named Tunisia, lies away from the coast. It inhabits the Republic has already over a million people.
The Dinar, which equals one thousand millimes, serves the population of Tunisia in monetary calculations. That currency the country has acquired in 1960 (although he accepted it as a payment unit in 1958). Dinars changed the francs previously used. One Dinar was exchanged for 1,000 francs.
First appeared a bargaining chip: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 millimes. Latest chasing 1 mm was produced in 1980 , 2 millimes in 1983. Now the cost of these coins to Tunisia increased, because they already belong to history and have become incredibly rare. One millim very beneficial to appear at sales, because local merchants are ready to buy this Tunisian coin, and, not wishing to offer her any goods.
In 1968 he released the coin in Nickel ½ Dinar, 1976 1 Dinar copper and Nickel. And finally, the formation of the catalogue of coins of Tunisia in 2002 he completed a bimetallic coin 5 dinars.
It remains to add that the price of a coin of Tunisia, is not as rare as 1 millim not burdensome.

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