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Country: Barbados
Capital: Bridgetown
Currency: Barbadian dollar
Numeric code: 052
Letter code: BBD
The island-state of Barbados, with its capital, Bridgetown, is located in the Caribbean sea. Essentially flat, it is very densely populated: 431 square kilometer of its area is home to more than 280 thousand of the islanders. This number increases substantially every year: the cozy beaches of the island and its pleasant tropical climate are a magnet to many who want to relax.
From 1848 to 1949 monetary policy of Barbados has defined the pound sterling of England. In 1949, he was replaced by the British West Indies dollar. And his successor in 1965 became the East Caribbean dollar. The last milestone in the evolution of the monetary unit of the island in 1973 was Barbadian dollar, shatter into a hundred cents, which is still not stopped its circulation. In the catalogue of the coins of Barbados that year came from the mint number, preserved until now: 1, 5, 10, 25 cents and 1 dollar. The price of the new coins of Barbados were the identical price as their predecessors.
In 1975 there was a change of priorities: the value of banknotes and coins of Barbados was chained and economic chains to the us dollar.
Re-released coins in the past years was carried out several times, but changing only the material of manufacture, the nominal the number of Barbadian coins remained unchanged.
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Money system:

Queen Elizabeth II (1970 - 2019)

1 dollar = 100 cents
1 cent
5 cents
10 cents
25 cents
1 dollar
2 dollars
5 dollars
10 dollars

1 cent
5 cents
10 cents
25 cents
1 dollar
2 dollars
4 dollars
5 dollars
10 dollars

1 dollar
5 dollars
10 dollars
20 dollars
25 dollars
50 dollars
- Regular edition;
- Jubilee coins;
- Collectible coins.

1 cent 2002

ID: 2593
5 cents 1997

ID: 2261
10 cents 2005

ID: 1997
1 cent 2005

ID: 1815
1 cent 2004

ID: 1814
1 cent 2001

ID: 1813
1 cent 1981

ID: 1811
5 cents 1973

ID: 1710
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