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Paraguay Coins

The Republic Of Paraguay
Capital: Asuncion
Population: 4.04 million
GNP/capita: 1 $ 100.USA
Area: 406 752 sq km
Form of government: Republic
Location: South America
Official. language: Spanish
DOS. exports: cotton, soybeans, vegetable oils, forest
DOS. types of imports: fuel and lubricants, machinery, chemicals, vehicles, food, iron and steel

Costume mandatory for all business meetings. Establish relationships facilitate business cards in English and Spanish .Materials for negotiations, it should be translated into Spanish. Try not to push, to move forward gradually. The handshake is customary when meeting and parting. Lunch eat at home and to this is added and Siesta . Public events are held late in the evening in hotel or restaurant. Paraguayan businessmen helpful and polite, but decision making is very slow. Decisions are made by senior management. For a small market of Paraguay is difficult to find a decent importer or representative. In Paraguay, together with Brazil and Argentina to build a giant Itaipu hydroelectric plant and Yasi-RETA, In conversation, praise cooperation and hydropower. Don't talk about domestic politics.

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