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The United States Of America
Capital: Washington
Population: 245,8 million
GNP/capita: 88 342 USD.USA
Size: 9363363 sq km
Form of government: Federal Republic
Location: North America
Official. language: English
DOS. exports: cars, vehicle, food, agricultural products and products of the chemical industry
DOS. types of imports: oil, petroleum products, machinery, vehicles, industrial products, raw materials, semi-finished products, food

American business by its nature is tough and it accepted the protectionism. Even in the downturn of its economy and industry to blame foreigners. American businessman rushes to where the dollar is easy to get. I want quickly to arguments and facts. Only conversations do not particularly believe. An agreement should be written on paper. In contractual cases is necessary the help of a local lawyer. In a large country many different cultures and the differences between regions are significant. On the East coast the business is especially rigid and conservative customs. The Midwest is noticeably 'calmer', and on the West coast, especially in California, the pace of life is leisurely and free. Leadership style varies from authoritarian to democratic. Motivation is strong enough. A lot of women in business. The style business wear conservative, neat and fashionable. A dark suit is adopted on the East coast. About meetings should be arranged in advance. It is considered good practice to inform about his visit of a few days. American businessman of an average hand in a hurry, so rather get to the point. Handshakes are not accepted in the US as in Europe. While familiarity is important, not the form, and affability. Americans have unthinkable a good memory for names. Remember names and repeat them during the meeting. The names are often used during negotiations, but be careful: watch the behavior of the owners. Mr., Mrs. and Ms. are put before the name. Women usually misleading as they want (Mrs. or Miss) to be treated. Business cards are not always exchanged at the beginning of negotiations, but only after asking how You can be contacted. At the latest at the end of a negotiation is to leave your business card for a souvenir of Your visit. American businessmen are informal and free. They have a sense of humor and a positive interest in the guests. Popular business breakfasts and Lunches, but last in the business, a maximum of an hour and a half. Entertainment luxury and sometimes tedious. Instead of free booze at these events it is better to make new acquaintances and strengthen old ones. In addition to Executive of the event in the restaurant, American businessmen can invite You to his home. Gifts from You will not wait, but the wine bottle will have to place. The next day send a thank you card. Business gifts must be given just at the right moment, what would be the end of the negotiations or the last meeting before departure. Americans appreciate gifts associated with Your culture. Few Americans speak another language besides American English, which is markedly different from English. American well is a good listener but can get impatient, when he will have trouble understanding incomprehensible dialect or English, a strange language for him. Your name according to the Americans will probably be unpronounceable. When meeting and as needed: put your name. Don't be surprised if an American asks: what are You doing? He wants to show his location and is really interested in what You're doing. If You call a friend, it does not mean friendship, and no more companionship. The lunch that You offer in passing, does not mean that you need to take out a calendar and record the time of lunch.

Use a common in moderation. Before noon, do not drink and not get drunk. Increasing consumption of beer and wine in place of spirits. Recently become popular cocktails. At public events do not come to get free drinks, and to establish new contacts and exchange news.
Americans are not always aware of foreign news. Regardless of the company of conversation will fit almost any topic. If You have a rolls Royce , you can talk about cars. If possible, try not to touch on such topics as religion, race and Vietnam.
Thank you for all of that is possible. Owners thank you after the visit in writing or otherwise.
Religions and different religious communities very much. Religious beliefs are treated with respect.
Are always used. Can also send by mail after the meeting. Business cards are often printed in capital letters. If the first or last name unclear — say their warehouses. European titles often cause the fun.
Occupied position is given more importance than age. Youthfulness is emphasized, for example, styleclothing. And green youngsters perform important tasks, of course, if you have enough knowledge and skills. About the age don't ask. Work until a very advanced age.
Time is money. Who had, and he ate. Your trump card is an efficient operation. Social activities take place slowly. There's always time, if you have a worthy cause. Punctuality is revered for good Working hours: Monday-Friday 9-17.00. Banks: 9-15.00. Shops: 8.30-13.00 and 14.30-18.30, Saturday 8.00-13.00.
Appreciated honesty and openness. This is still a barrier to mitigate the negative response.
Money is measured all the way to history. Front of money worship all regardless of race, religion, age and gender. 1 dollar — 100 cents.
You can call a friend, but that doesn't mean anything.
In 60-ies worked only the wives of the bus drivers. In recent years there has been a trend towards women's participation in working life and some of them occupy leadership positions. Women have equal rights.
The national symbol is the eagle blogsavy . Common Pets — dog, cat and horse. It is not necessary to buy horsemeat. In new York a lot of rats and cockroaches. Sports teams often have animal names.
Sitting at the same table are submitted together.When the table appears a new face, it is polite to sit up. Women hand not greet.
Is clear, informal, and often decorated with a sense of humor. Americans have an unusually good memory for names. And You should remember the names and to repeat them during a conversation.
Positive and without prejudice. There may be differences between different ethnic groups.
Natural for Americans. Of different variations can be noted , for example, a Pat on the shoulder. Skip is always forward women. Welcome and strangers, for example, in the Elevator.
Decreasing among men and increasing among women. There are many restrictions in public places. There were many campaigns against Smoking. It is polite to ask permission before. how to smoke a cigarette.
Ranges from authoritarian to democratic. Strong motivation of personnel. 'Either work effectively, or get out!'
Americans love to chat in an informal setting, they also love talking to strangers.
First, always 'Mr.', 'Mrs.', 'Miss' and 'Sir'. 'You' are transferred simply, quickly and without problems. The person's name is repeated often during the conversation.
The business is quite conservative style but neat and fashionable. Styles very much, thriving imagination.
Americans are patriots, but their patriotism is manifested in different ways and at different levels. Consciousness returned after the war in Vietnam. The Patriotic feelings not to play, respect the independence of other peoples.
Eat with a fork. 'Health' drink only once, with the exception of toast, which contain the wish of health . There may be differences in customs among different ethnic groups. The expense of the English 'check'.
Chocolate, wine, and other small gifts are very popular.
Not as accepted as in Europe. Small gifts are welcome, but it is better to give at Christmas.
Taken in the form of parties.
Adhere to less than in Europe.
The promise and the appointed time observed. On the 'tube' in the movement can only be invoked when delay of 15 minutes.
Found flexible attitude.
Americans are very welcoming, positive and uninhibited.
Party /parti/ part of the American way of life. Popular activities are attending sporting events, restaurants, theatres, picnics, etc.
Freer than in Europe. Often, those who wants to have a conversation, sitting next to her. Seating is planned in advance only in the case of particularly special events.
The Americans is a good speaker. Their presentations are embellished by anecdotes and recite them without notes. For the most part they are thankful. Americans know how to evaluate responses.
Although sometimes it seems that the work fills the time and even life, the family still speak openly and a lot. Easy invite into the house. The wife is often present at various events. In relation to the family, nevertheless a lot of differences among representatives of different ethnic groups.
Dollar beloglavec eagle and star flag. The different ethnic groups of their own.
Many different religions, many different taboos. Abortion, sex, social assistance, the poor, racism, jokes about other ethnic groups etc.
At least in the big cities it is represented in almost cuisines of the world. On the streets of a thriving culture of 'fast FOOD'.
Almost everyone has some hobby. The possibilities are very good. Popular gyms are Your own Hobbies-a good topic of conversation.
The color of freedom is blue, red and white. They are also the colors of the flag. Colors indicate social status. The brighter the color, the lower.
Don't matter in business, but rarely do they bring as a gift.
Americans love a bright ceremony. Parades, etc. Certificates and prizes are given for participation in various 'Koshkin's christening'.
It's common in business several times to repeat the figures. Good to know codes. Learn American to write the date and phone number. 13th floor, as a rule, absent.
Waiter — 15%, porters — $ 1/piece of Luggage. Rest of 10%.
English. Miami's 80% Hispanic .
Simple business culture, people are easy to deal with and who can be childish and at the same time rigid in matters of business. Will always help a reliable lawyer. In a large country, large regional and cultural differences. National holiday - 4.7.
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