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The monetary unit of great Britain is the pound sterling, which was put into circulation in ancient times. So British for sure and don't know the history of the origin of the word 'sterling', we only know that 'pound' is a measure of weight. In the most common and logical version of the name of British currency comes from the concept of 'Easterling Silver' (silver with the Eastern lands), denotes a characteristic alloy of 925 sterling silver, from which coins were made in Northern Germany. This area, consisting of 5 of North-German cities by the British and was called: 'the Easterling'. In the XII century it became part of the Hanseatic League. Easterling had in London, its representation, led an active trade with England, to pay for goods with their coins, having high quality and toughness. King of England Henry II (1154-1189). in 1158 made a similar alloy standard for coins of England. Gradually the English name of the alloy was reduced to 'Sterling Silver' and has come to mean 'sterling silver'.

In 1694, the pound sterling officially became the monetary unit of great Britain. It was 4 crowns, 10 Florina, 20 shillings, 240 pence, and 960 farthings. Traditionally, the obverse of all the coins depicted a portrait of the reigning monarch, on the reverse the denomination and various scenic images. During the reign of George VI (1936-1952), Queen Elizabeth II (since 1952) the reverses of coins of small denominations were decorated with drawings of various subjects, for example: the Galleon 'Golden Hind', the first ship returned from the circumnavigation (1/2 penny), 'Britain' — the personified symbol of the United Kingdom (1 penny). On the reverses of coins of larger denominations were represented the heraldic symbols: the English and Scottish lions, crowned descending the lattice of the coat of arms of king Henry VII, the symbol of the Palace of Westminster.

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