Imperial Russia, 1700-1917, coin catalog, price

Country: Russian Empire
Capital: Saint Petersburg
Currency: the ruble
Year of formation of the Russian Empire is considered to be 1721. Since him and until 1917, the capital of the Empire was Saint-Petersburg (with the exception of two years – from 1728 to 1730). The area occupied by the country in 1914, was close to 22 million square kilometers. The population at that time was slightly higher than the 178 million people.
The ruble, which equals one hundred cents, was used as currency from the thirteenth century. Imperial (par value of 10 rubles) and proimperial (5 rubles) were minted in the state of gold - from 1755 to 1805, and from 1885 to 1917. The value of the coins of the Russian Empire, called the Imperials, was equal to ten silver rubles, handed them the baton exchange. After 1897 occurred a veiled devaluation: the gold composition of the coins has not changed, but the values were different. 10 rubles turned into 15, and five in seven and a half. The latter lasted until 1899. Each Emperor was contributed to the catalogue of coins of the Russian Empire. In 1770 to replace the silver penny came copper detail: 1/8 penny (polupolushka), ¼ kopeck (Polushka), ½ kopeck (Denga). Moreover, the issue of polupolushka never repeated, and ¼ and ½ penny lasted two hundred years. In 1771 appeared: 10 money (5 cents), the grivna (10 kopecks), polupoltina (25 cents), poltina (50 kopecks) and 1 gold and 2 gold pieces. In 1704 they were joined by one penny, Altyn (3 kopecks) of copper and one ruble of silver. In 1713 appeared the denominations of 5 cents, in 1718, two of the ruble in 1757 – 2 pennies. In 1760 rapped 20, 15, 10, and 4 pennies, in 1839 – 3 pennies, ½ pennies and ¼ penny. From 1828 to 1845 years produced platinum money: 3, 6 and 12 rubles. They are very rare and to buy coins of Imperial Russia of such material is very difficult, and besides, and expensive.
In 1756-1957 years was made levenez – money joined to Russia Livonia. From 1763 until 1781, was produced coins that were circulated only in Siberia – they were called "Siberian". 1832-1850 - years of minting coins for Poland. From 1864 to 1917 were issued stamps and a penny for Finland.
The price for coins of the Russian Empire (not so rare) quite allows to load them to your collection.

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