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Lebanon Coins

From 1517 to 1918, Lebanon was part of Ottoman Empire. After struck™ Turkey in the First world war its territory was ceded to France. In 1943, Lebanon became an independent state. However, coins with the inscription 'the State of Great Lebanon' came into circulation in 1924, and in 1929 some of the coins appeared the legend in French: 'REPUBLIQUE LIBANAISE' (Republic of Lebanon). Many coins 1925-1940. the release was minted with a hole in the center and on the obverse of coins without holes were the emblem in the form of cedar. After gaining sovereignty the monetary unit of Lebanon is the Lebanese pound (livre) is equal to 100 piastres.

The design of the coins 1968-1995. virtually unchanged compared with the previous coins of the series, only on the obverse is the inscription 'REPUBLIQUE LIBANAISE' appeared the legend: 'BANQUE DU LIBAN' (Bank of Lebanon).

In 1995 because of inflation piastres were withdrawn from circulation. Currently, the turnover of Lebanon are coins of 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 livres. Coin 50 pounds has an octagonal shape. On the coins of 50, 100, 250 and 500 livres to the center of the reverse is listed the denomination in Arabic numerals, at the bottom of 50 and 100 francs legend in French: 'BANQUE DU LIBAN' (Bank of Lebanon). All other coins are a traditional round shape with a picture of a fragment of the state emblem on the obverse and the name of the denomination on the reverse.

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