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Afghanistan Coins

The official currency of Afghanistan Afghani is equal to 100 pools. The first Afghani was introduced in July 1926 (7 years later after gaining Afghanistan's independence). However, until 1978 it was used along with other monetary signs: the Kabul rupee, Indian, Iranian coins.

The coins that were minted during the reign of Afghan king Mohammed Zahir Shah (1933-1973.), bore on the obverse the national emblem of Afghanistan, on the reverse the denomination in wreath. Afghani were minted mainly of silver (rarely gold), Pula - from bronze, then aluminum.
From the 1960s, issued coins with various options obverse: 3 ears of wheat (1 Afghani), eagle against the sun (2 Afghani), bust of king Mohammed Zahir Shah (5 Afghani); the reverse was decorated with the denomination and star, or star with the ear of wheat. These coins were made from steel coated with Nickel.

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